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Client Success Stories

Below are two of our most successful client stories

Candidate A

You see photos like this on Facebook every day, with the promise that you only drink one pill a day, and your fat will melt away without changing your diet and without exercise. That is one big fat scam. 

I started with my balloon journey on the 15th of June 2023, today, as I write this post, it is the 2nd of November 2023. 140 days, and I’ve lost 41kilograms. Yes, and that is 100% the truth.
The balloon helps you to lose weight, with a very strong emphasis on the word HELP. The balloon is not going to do all the work for you. The balloon plays a 25% role in the game. 25% of that is your eating habits / lifestyle. Yes you won’t be able to polish an entire pizza while you have the balloon, but drinking sterri stumpies, milkshakes and ice cream will not help either.
25% is your exercise regime, and the last 25% is your biggest enemy, your mind set. 

But if the balloon, exercise regime, dietary lifestyle change and your mind set play together, you will have an amazing weight loss team! 
I used to drink Diabetes and blood pressure medication, every day. I don’t need it anymore! I am full of energy, full of live, without aches and pains. I am a new person, thanks to my own weight loss team, which was captained by the gastric balloon!

Candidate B

My Dr, Dr Sean van der Merwe and his team was absolutely amazing! They guided me every step of the way and with every challenge they were right there with me. I was sick for about 12 weeks after the initial insertion……my body was tired and I still struggled to keep solids and soft foods down. Never once did I consider to remove the ballon as I personally still wanted so desperately for this to work. Soon after getting the drip I started feeling better and by 6 months I had lost 27kg’s! I went for my first fill and toped up from 550ml to 650ml. Thereafter I lost the rest of my 54 kg’s. About two months before removal I went back for a second fill and topped up to 750ml. In total I lost 67kg’s in 12 months!  I feel like a changed person. It took dedication and on most days motivation to stick to the plan and ensure the weightloss but every single day was worth it!!!!! I would not hesitate for one second as this was the best decision I ever made!!!

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